Welcome To The Rescue Helicopters.

Welcome to The Rescue Helicopters. HM Coastguard Helicopter base, at Newquay Airport, has taken delivery of its second rescue helicopter, both of which are Sikorsky S-92’s. The pair, suitably named by one of their engineers as the Cornish Sisters, will become operational in January 1916. This is a vital public service and will, no doubt […]

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porth beach oct

Porth Beach Passed The Scrutiny

In spite of the fact the European Union toughened up their water quality standards, Porth Beach passed the scrutiny of the powers that be, with colours flying. The local businesses had been slightly apprehensive leading up to the test, because they felt the run-off from the fields further up the valley, would cause a problem. […]

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Mobile Marketing Is Helping Businesses Grow

As always, the further away from the big city we are, the longer we take to assimilate new technology. It is a fact that Mobile Marketing is helping businesses, especially the retail sector, to increase sales. A new Barclays-sponsored study estimates UK consumers will spend over £50bn a year through mobile devices by 2024, compared […]

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android phone

Malware Affecting Android Devices

What happens in America soon happens here, as the saying goes. Well, that’s pretty well true when it comes to the weather, although by the time it gets here it has usually moderated somewhat. However, this article is about malware affecting Android devices, not only in that country, but many others and we ought to […]

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United Nations Band

Lusty Glaze To Host United Nations

We’ve heard quite a lot just recently, about the United Nations, and how this organisation of countries meets to try and solve a military crisis, which keep popping up on a regular basis in different areas of the world. This time however, the United Nations will bring happiness to all those who venture down to […]

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Newquay Airport Passenger Numbers Rise

A strong recovery is in progress at Newquay Airport, which endured a considerable drop in people using the various airlines during the recession. Passenger numbers are now beginning to increase, but still fall short of the 2008 peak of well over 431,000. It has been announced that 2014 saw a twenty percent rise over the […]

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On 26th January, 1945, units of the Soviet Army entered the concentration camp of Auschwitz and found that the German guards, mostly SS, had left the scene. They did find, however, 7,000 prisoners, most of them hanging on to life by a thread. The troops soon set up hospitals, with the help of the Polish […]

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Meteor Photo by Alan Wilson

Classic Air Force To Move Operations

This year will see some changes to the visitor attraction at Newquay Airport, namely, the Classic Air Force. It has been confirmed that the display of non-flyable, ground based aircraft will remain at Newquay, though a different hanger may have to be used, since the current one is costing the Trust some £250,000 a year in […]

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Trennance Cottages Nearly Ready

Chris Blount, a member of ‘Friends of Trenance Cottages’ group, has every right to be pleased with being handed the keys to Trenance Cottages by Shaylor, the contractor, who has brought the buildings back to their former glory. Chris, who is very conscious of the wonderful work that Shaylor began in March has achieved, says […]

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St.Mawgan Shackleton

Save Our Shackleton

A new page has opened up on Facebook, ‘Save Our Shackleton’ in response to the RAF’s decision to sell ‘Rosalie’ the Shackleton aircraft that has stood just inside the entrance to RAF St Mawgan for many years. The aircraft, tail number WL795 is, of course, no longer able to take to the skies, but it […]

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Mobile Companies to Improve Coverage

The government has unveiled a new deal with the top four mobile companies in the country, which should maximise the state of so-called mobile roaming “not-spots”. Sajid Javid, the Culture secretary, announced a binding agreement with EE, Three,  O2 and Vodafone, in order to tackle inadequate signal problems, in several areas, by investing £5bn. The […]

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Good Turnout For Santa Surf

There was a good list of entrants in the Santa Surf last Saturday, when many brave souls donned Santa suits and surfed the December seas in memory of Joe Way. Joe, an inspirational Cornish lad, who contracted meningitis shortly after he was born, touched the hearts of many people and died in 2008 aged four […]

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Western Greyhound Photo by Graham Richardson

Jobs Saved At Western Greyhound

In May 2013, thirty five vehicles were destroyed in a fire at the Western Greyhound Bus Depot at Summercourt. In a second suspected arson attack in January this year, three more buses were written off at its depot in Liskeard, causing considerable disruption to the company. Established in 1998, the company was a regular industry […]

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Ruarri Joseph

Ruarri Joseph Booked For Lusty Glaze

Lusty Glaze, that picturesque sandy cove at the northern end of Newquay Bay, is an idyllic location in which to spend the day in summer, sheltered as it is from easterly winds and the noise of traffic. An evening spent in the Restaurant where stunning meals are served, is most memorable. After sunset, it is […]

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Eden Project To Host Geothermal Energy Conference

Today. Tuesday 2nd December, a conference is taking place at the Eden Project that will provide Cornwall Council with the latest information on the techniques and possibilities of exploiting geothermal energy within the county. This will be the first time such a conference has been convened in Cornwall and it is to be hoped that […]

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Grafton Street

Aer Lingus To Fly From Newquay

Last week it was announced that Aer Lingus will commence four flights per week between Newquay and Dublin from 1st May next year. In addition to Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, a flight will operate on Sundays from 27th June until 5th September. The regional airline, which is operated by Stobart Air, the same group […]

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